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revision: 25 March, 2022

Aaron Ardiri

current residence:
skype: ardiri
email: aaron@ardiri.com


Seeking a technical leadership / advisory position with an enterprise, mobility and/or IoT focus.

Technical Leadership Team Building Coaching & Mentorship
Architecture Mobile Innovation Project Management
Marketing & Evangelism Solution Expert MEAP / ERP

example roles: Chief Technology Officer / Technical Executive / Technical Director


A technical leader that has worked internationally with a wide variety of companies ranging from start-ups through to medium size enterprises and large international organizations with a focus on enterprise, mobility and the Internet of Things.

  • more than 20 years experience within the enterprise and mobile industry
  • significant experience with agile development methodologies / leadership
  • proven capabilities to architect, develop and deliver solutions from start to finish
  • credible public speaker and internationally recognized within the mobile industry
  • passion for innovation and “defining the curve”, principal author of two patents
  • extensive experience with machine to machine (M2M) and embedded solutions
  • enthusiastic team player able to energize, motivate and humour team to achieve goals
  • highly organised manager able to quickly assess and deal with challenges
  • identified twice within the top 100 IT professionals of Sweden (2010, 2012)
  • strong skills in marketing, analysis, negotiation, writing, communication and planning
  • willingness to travel both internationally and domestically

Maintained a strong technical knowledge and understanding within the mobile industry by running an independent games studio as a hobby that allows him to keep in touch with the latest mobile platforms and technological trends.

Aaron Ardiri is a citizen of both the Commonwealth of Australia and Kingdom of Sweden.


Employed fulltime in own startups - contact to discuss opportunities and positions for consideration.

Work Experience

    2017-present - CEO - RIoT Secure AB

      RIoT Secure AB is a technology enabler within the IoT (Internet of Things) industry - created with a vision to ensure security technology exists in the foundations of software development for IoT solutions. The goal is to ensure security is available to all micro-controllers, regardless of the resources available, ensuring information is secure within the IoT ecosystem.

    Technical Leadership
    Project Development Management
    Principal Solution Architect
    Research and Development
    Telematics Hardware Design (PCB) -
    Embedded Firmware Development -
    Cloud Solution with REST API -

    2015-present - Founder - RIoT International Pty Ltd

      RIoT International is a technology enabler within the Internet of Things (IoT) industry - providing a full ranges of consultancy services covering technology management, hardware prototyping, software development and go-to-market product lifecycle expertise.

    Technical Leadership
    Coaching and Mentorship
    Project Management
    Software and Hardware Prototyping


    2014-2015 - Chief Technology Officer - Evothings AB

      Evothings is a mobile application enabler for the IoT industry helping developers and technology players in need of creating mobile applications and services interfacing with their technologies. Evothings is open source, enables the creation of efficient integration points and offers an easy-to-use mobile application development suite.

        A key member of the senior management team with a strong community focus within the Internet of Things (IoT) field, identifying trends in the market, experimenting and hacking embedded technologies as they appear and manage a team of developers building a quick and easy to use IoT mobile device application prototype platform called Evothings Studio.

    Technical Leadership
    Product Development Management
    Concept Prototype Development

    2012-2013 - Principal Developer Evangelist - BlackBerry

      BlackBerry is a designer, manufacturer and marketer of wireless solutions for the worldwide mobile communications market providing devices and mobile device management services.

        A key contributor to the developer relations’ team with the launch of the BlackBerry 10 mobile platform – organizing and presenting at a number of developer events in over forty countries within the EMEA region, leading a team of evangelists and quickly became recognised as the face of BlackBerry 10 within the development community.

    Event Organisation
    Team Leadership and Mentoring
    Technical Evangelism (BlackBerry 10) - EMEA

    2011-2012 - Technical Director - ubitexx GmbH - a subsidiary of BlackBerry
    2010-2011 - VP of Development - ubitexx GmbH

      ubitexx GmbH developed and distributed over-the-air mobile device management and security solutions for enterprises with a cross platform focus in the German market.

        The principal architect of the Universal Device Server (UDS) component of the BlackBerry service engine – a cloud based cross-platform mobile device management (MDM) solution to complement the proprietary BlackBerry Enterprise Service (BES) integrating with third party solutions and technologies. As a key member of the management team within ubitexx GmbH, was responsible for the technical due diligence of the platform resulting in the acquisition of the company by Research In Motion on 31.05.2011.

    Technical Leadership
    Principal Solution Architect
    Technical Due Diligence of ubitexx GmbH acquisition
    Development Process Management (agile / SCRUM)

    2008-2010 - Chief Technology Officer - Appear Networks AB

      Appear Networks AB is the leading provider of context-aware software infrastructure designed to power the next generation of mobile applications and services using situational information (context) to eliminate information overload and ensure mobile work force users have the information they need, when and where they need it.

        Provided technical leadership and vision to engineer the next generation of mobile enterprise application platform (MEAP) utilizing context awareness to integrate into existing backend technical solutions to provide a revolutionary simple to use end-user platform for enterprise workers. Involved in a number of high profile European Union FP6/FP7/EUREKA projects (MIDAS, SIMS, CAMPUS) and SITA (a multinational technology provider in airline industry); providing project management and technical input during all phases from the project bid submission through to product delivery to the customer.

    Technical Leadership
    Mobility Innovation Vision
    Research and Development Manager
    Product Owner (Scrum – Agile Methodologies)

    2001-2008 - Chief Technology Officer - MedHand International AB

      MedHand International AB produced the Dr Companion™ product; a patented professional working tool for physicians available on mobile and desktop platforms.

        Designed and implemented multiple iterations of a patented mobile medical publishing and distribution platform, with "over the air" synchronization for content updates and a secure digital rights management (DRM) within a cross-platform environment that has been labeled as “way ahead of its time” existing prior to existing eBook. Included a deep technical role for securing content licensing from some of the worlds renowned providers of medical literature (Oxford University Press, McGraw Hill, Elsevier, Wiley and Sons, Wolters Kluwer) and various local content providers (United Kingdom and Sweden) to provide an “all-in-one” mobile medical reference solution for doctors both regionally and worldwide.

    System Architect
    Publishing and License Acquisition
    Digital Rights Management
    Development and Innovation Manager

    1999-2021 - Hobby

      Self Employed, Freelancer.

        Known for "making the impossible, possible" recognized as a serious low-level developer, for reverse engineering/system hacks on a variety of mobile platforms (14+). Pioneered and created the SHARK development kit - a cross-platform development environment utilizing a single source code base across devices.
        Also is founder and "man behind scenes" of Mobile 1UP, an indie developer.

    Mobile Development
    Consultancy / Game Development Services
    Digital Rights Management
    Concept Prototype Development
    Publishing and License Acquisition

    1999-2000 - Senior Software Engineer - CitiKey AB
    1998-2002 - Lecturer / Research Assistant - Högskolan i Gävle
    1998-1998 - Java Engineer - H.O.T.S. Ltd
    1997-1998 - Software Engineer - ADI Limited
    1996-1997 - Statistical Analyst - University of Western Australia
    1995-1995 - Software Engineer - Sigma Systems Pty Ltd.

      10+ years old - positions shown for informational purposes only (no longer relevant).

Advisory / Board Member

    2017+ - RIoT Secure AB
    2013+ - kiss* Digital Media
    2017-2021 - GreatSway Enterprises
    2015-2017 - Biosync Technology AB
    2015-2017 - Evothings AB
    2012-2017 - Kocoverk Mobile Tech Limited
    2002-2011 - MedHand International AB


    1993-1996 - Bachelor of Science (Computing)
    1991-1992 - High School Diploma


    2013 - Certification: BlackBerry 10 Native Application Developer (Cascades)
    2010 - Certification: HP webOS Developer
    2008 - Certification: Scrum Product Owner
    2003 - Certification: Palm OS Developer
    1999 - Certification: Java Developer
    1997 - Oracle Database Administrator


    1989-1992 - Australian Mathematics Competition
    1989-1990 - Australian Computing Competition


    2021 - The Internet of Disconnected Things
    2017 - Internet of Things: 17th edition Mobile Developers Guide to the Galaxy
    2000 - Palm OS: Software Protection
    1999 - Security in Set-Top Boxes
    1999 - GENTEX: Genetic Algorithm Textures

Patents / Innovation

    United States Patent US 7,937,656 B2, Issued May 3, 2011

      The method is for rendering information on a display, comprising. Content components in a container are provided. A content handler (style sheet) is used to transform the content components. A key word in the content component is identified. A real time link is provided between the key word and an outside source. A screen size of a display unit is determined. A size of a first display is adjusted by only displaying a complete content of a first level of the content components and a link to a second level. The link is activated to display a complete content of the second level and a link to the second level.

    United States Patent US 9,756,501 B2, Issued Sep 5, 2017

      A method for managing policies for groups of wireless devices, associated with a corresponding one of multiple different wireless device platforms comprising collecting for all platforms a set of configurations and policies supported by the platforms, and generating a master set of device agnostic rule definitions from the collected configurations and policies, the rules being defined without regard to constraints on the configuration settings governed by the multiple different wireless device platforms.

Speaking Engagements

    2022 - Arduino Week (Day 4: Arduino Pro) - Turin, Italy (Remote)

      Invited to give a live interview on RIoT Secure's device lifecycle management platform specifically targeting resource constrained micro-controllers; showcasing a customer deployment with Scandinavian Airlines ground service handling at Stockholm, Arlanda airport. The topics focused on industrial solutions that utilize Arduino technology.

    2022 - Embedded Day - MUST High Tech Expo - Paris, France (Remote)

      Invited to give a presentation on The Internet of Disconnected Things, highlighting a approach to the architecture and development of Things to minimize the surface attack area in turn providing security against third party intrusion and hackers. The principles form the foundations and are applied within RIoT Secure's device lifecycle management platform.

    2021 - Data Science Seminars - Tartu, Estonia (Remote)

      Invited to give a presentation on The Internet of Disconnected Things, highlighting a approach to the architecture and development of Things to minimize the surface attack area in turn providing security against third party intrusion and hackers. The principles form the foundations and are applied within RIoT Secure's device lifecycle management platform.

    2018 - Oracle Code - Shenzhen, China
    2018 - Oracle Code - Singapore, Singapore

      Invited to give a luminary keynote covering a quick history of technology while inspiring developers to follow their dreams and be persistent through failure to reach success. Focus on the Internet of Things highlighting security issues and potential solutions to the problem, such as the lifecycle of IoT devices and a small plug for RIoT Secure AB.

    2018 - jFokus IoT 2018 - Stockholm, Sweden
    2017 - Nordic IT Security - Stockholm, Sweden

      Invited to give a presentation on Secure IoT Device Lifecycle Management, highlighting the challenges and compromises made to build a device agnostic secure end-to-end device management solution for the complete lifecycle of IoT devices - covering provisioning, monitoring and OTA updates through to eventual decomission.

    2015 - jFokus IoT 2015 - Stockholm, Sweden
    2014 - NDC: One day of Internet of Things - Oslo, Norway

      Invited to give a presentation on the feasibility of security within micro-controllers with a specific focus on IoT - covering performance measurements of implementing RSA and secure random functions on various Arduino compatible boards in addition to reviewing current concerns and other community efforts around IoT security.

    2014 - Hyper Island - Stockholm, Sweden

      Invited to give a guest workshop focused on the growing Internet of Things market segment for students within the Mobile Creative program - a quick introduction to IoT, concerns and applications within vertical markets coupled with a hands on project exploring two way communication between a mobile device and an Arduino micro-controller using BLE.

    2012-2013 - BlackBerry Jam Events - 40+ countries, EMEA

      A key member of the developer relations’ team focusing on developer awareness and launch of the BlackBerry 10 mobile operating system – a wide range of attendees (30-2000+) focusing on keynote presentations, user experience and in depth technical discussions.

    2011 - HP, Inc – formally Palm, Inc - London, United Kingdom
    2010 - Palm, Inc - Sunnyvale, USA

      Invited to speak at the first Palm Developer Day focusing on getting started with game development using the SDL library (Simple Directmedia Layer), a toolkit provided within the PDK development environment for the Palm Pre™ and Palm Pixi™ devices.

    2010 - SEB (Scandanavian Private Banking) - London, United Kingdom
    2010 - SEB (Scandanavian Private Banking) - Stockholm, Sweden

      Invited to speak at two events hosted by SEB Enskilda to discuss the state of mobile platforms - specifically identifying the various operating systems available and their maturity, which target groups exist, what is the relevance of press/hype and what are the new trends coming into play that will influence them moving forward?

    2010 - TiE Nordic Workshop - Stockholm, Sweden

      Invited regularly to speak at a number of workshops focused around development and go-tomarket strategies covering business driven elements such as getting started, development strategies, promotion/marketing and monetization of software on emerging mobile platforms. The events are hosted to inspire new entrepreneurs in the Nordics.

    2010 - IDG Mobility World 2010 - Stockholm, Sweden

      Invited as an expert to participate on a panel discussing mobile platform fragmentation – will iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile or Symbian become dominant players in the mobile space; or will fragmentation continue within the mobile space?

    2009 - Excitera Mobile Cup - Stockholm, Sweden

      Invited to speak at a workshop focused around development and go-to-market strategies around the iOS platform. An event specifically hosted for a select group of students from the Stockholm School of Economics and The Royal Institute of Technology (KTH).

Press Mentions: Mobile Platforms

    Aaron Ardiri is an active contributor to the mobile development community, providing insights about platform evolution, assisting developers with cross-platform development and doing evangelistic activities around mobile platforms – actively willing to reach out to members of the press to ensure the general community is properly informed.

    In 2010 he was highlighted as one of Sweden’s best software developers: number 68 of 100.
    In 2012 he was highlighted as one of Sweden’s best software developers: number 83 of 100.

Computer Sweden / Computer World (IDG group)



mobil.se / mobil.nu



Press Mentions: Game Development

    Aaron Ardiri is an avid mobile gamer with over 10 years’ experience in the field and in his spare time gets “hands-on” experience understanding the development process and the mobile ecosystem of application distribution by running a small games development studio.


Metro Teknik

Retro Gamer Magazine


    “Aaron is an incredible professional with an absolutely amazing combination of engineering and leadership skills - the perfect technical visionary who can quickly explain how things should be done and is not afraid to dive in and assist his team when there is doubt about implementation. I have learnt a lot from Aaron while he was my manager and I appreciate been given the chance to work with him.”

    Vitaliy Ryumshyn, System Architect - ubitexx GmbH - a subsidiary of BlackBerry

    “I have worked with Aaron on multiple projects, and can say without reservation he is one of the most knowledgeable and resourceful developers I have had the privilege of meeting. Aaron has never found a task beyond his ability, and once started, he works with an amazing focus and drive to accomplish the task. His excitement is always contagious, and I enjoy working with Aaron. He is always available to provide advice and insight to his team and shows great leadership skills. I would eagerly recommend him for any position or project in need of quality leadership.”

    Michael Ethetton, Business Partner - self employed

    “Aaron goes above and beyond when you hire him to work for you. In our case we needed to do something so bleeding edge that we weren't even sure if it was possible. Aaron made the impossible happen and for delivery streamlined it so that a non-techie could do a demonstration at a trade show. I would hire him again and again.”

    Joel Evans, Director of Technology - GTech Corporation
    “Aaron's forte is architecting software, no matter the platform. He's one of the most talented coders I know and, at the same time, knows how to communicate effectively with his clients in a patient, laid-back and constructive manner. There's not a mobile device so obscure that Aaron hasn't written code for it. He's the go-to person for any project that's in need of a sound architecture.”
    Ivo Jager, Business Partner - self employed

    “Aaron is one of the most talented, creative and driven developers in the Palm Economy. He has consistently created solutions where others thought it was impossible, and his savvy with both the user experience and the back-end programming allow him to create truly revolutionary solutions.”

    Michael Bergen, Palm Developer Relations - Palm, Inc

    “Aaron has a visionary mind wrapped inside a business pragmatist’s head. Aaron has not only engineered the single most impressive handheld product UI in the medical space, he has optimized that UI for just about any device you can imagine; Aaron isn’t just a software engineer - he is a solid and wise businessman which makes working with him all the better.”

    Evan Schnittman, VP Business Development & Rights - Oxford University Press

    “Aaron is a task-oriented manager with good project management skills. His expertise in embedded development is very valuable to any mobile technology company. Aaron also has a good sense for future trends and know-how to implement this in reality.”

    Alisa Devlic, Research Lead - Appear Networks AB

    “Aaron has top notch tech skills and great experience in the mobile application development area (and beyond). He is also keen and patient to share this valuable experience with young engineers (like me). Last but not least, I like the fact that he tries his best to create a happy and pleasant working environment. Thumbs up!”

    Georgios Panagiotou, Research Engineer - Appear Networks AB

    “Aaron is a brilliant programmer, with a knack for native coding. His knowledge spans across a large number of programming languages, with a particular focus on mobile technologies. He has both the vision and the skills to implement leading-edge products. Give him a challenge that he likes, and he'll dedicate all this energy to solve it.”

    Xavier Aubry, CEO - Appear Networks AB

    “Aaron Ardiri is the most skilled and experienced mobile developer I had a chance to meet and know. I doubt I could have met many others with that level of dedication, knowledge, studiousness and diligence.”

    Nemanja Bondžulić, CEO - Industry Entertainment